Sean Porter Cinematographer

Bass Ackwards

Cast: Linas Phillips, Jim Fletcher, Davie-Blue, Alex Karpovsky, Paul Lazar

“Bass Ackwards was made for $30,000, yet it looks like it was shot by Vilmos Zsigmond. Phillips’ eloquent images caress the landscape, and also the fascinating oddballs he finds there. This is the sort of movie I was grateful to see at Sundance, yet a decade ago, I would have been recommending it in a vacuum. This year, I can say that Bass Ackwards will be available in millions of homes […] It’s the kind of truly and redemptively quirky cinema that adventurous moviegoers will be grateful to see. And happy to demand.” – Owen Gleiberman Entertainment Weekly

Official Selection Sundance Film Festival 2010
Official Selection Seattle International Film Festival 2010